Countdown: The Best of 2014 {aka My Most Popular Posts}

Has it been a year already?

It seems like only yesterday I was rubbing oatmeal on my face for the first time.

I’ve learned so much this past year and I have so much more ideas.

It’s been an awesome journey so far thanks to All Of You!

Here’s a countdown of my most viewed DIYs in 2014:

5. DIY Hair Lightening Spray

DIY hair lightning spray The Makeup Dummy

This quick and easy DIY Hair Lightening spray brings out the best in your blonde locks. Yes even for pretend blondes, like me.

The magic ingredient is Camomile tea. A camomile tea rinse after you shower has been a popular trick of natural and not so natural blondes alike for years. But it’s so much easier in a spraying bottle!

I’ve added some other magic Lightening Ingredients from my kitchen. Find out which here.

Another way to maintain my do is with my Blonde Shampoo collection. In my Ultimate guide I explain which blonde shampoo works for what blonde girl hair problem.

4. DIY Lush Ultrabland Inspired Face Cleanser

The Makeup Dumy DIY Lush Ultrabland dupe

Ah, my first Lush-a-like.

As you all know I love Lush. With this DIY I wanted to show that making your own all natural skin care products is really not that hard. The most difficult part is usually finding the ingredients.

I’m glad to see that since then many of you have enjoyed this recipe. Thanks for supporting the DIY Beauty revolution!

3. DIY Lush Dream Cream Inspired Lotion

DIY Dream Cream inspired by Lush | The Makeup Dummy

Another Lush-a-like.

With all the DIY lotion recipes out there, I really expected someone had tried this before. Since I posted this I’ve seen it pop up in different places though.

Of course the measurements aren’t exactly the same as the one from Lush. But it has about the same ingredients and the same feel in my opinion.

In the near future I’m going to try to tweak this version to make the lotion preserve longer. More news on that soon!

2. Two ingredient Highlights at home

All natural DIY balayage for your hair

The success of this post was a bit of a surprise for me.

It’s a trick that I’ve loved for a couple of years now and it was so obvious for me to share it with you. I never expected it to be in this top 5!

Another trick that I like a lot lot lot is the Highlights Hot Oil treatment for your hair.

1. DIY Lush BIG Inspired Volume Shampoo

DIY BIG volume shampoo

And the winner is… salt mixed with shampoo!

This is such an easy DIY and that’s the beauty of it. Anyone can make this, right now, and it gives you the most awesome hair do.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and giving a purpose to all of these DIYs I’m making.

If this is the first time you’re visiting The Makeup Dummy, take a look around. There are plenty more!

Love as always,


What do you wanna see me make in 2015?


2 thoughts on “Countdown: The Best of 2014 {aka My Most Popular Posts}

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